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SiriusXM Saturday & Sunday PostThu Mar 31, 2011 9:06 pm Offline
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Tue May 11, 2004 5:12 pm2644Kenosha, Wisconsin
This isn't exactly television, but the next best thing.

SiriusXM Stars Too will feature "The Book Of Mormon Radio" with Matt & Trey and the cast of the musical. Sorta like a radio documentary.

Stars Too is on Sirius Ch. 108, and XM Ch. 139

The website is here

The press release is here ... eID=560514

If you don't have Sirius or XM, you can get a free trial of their internet streams somewhere on the website.

Figured I'd bring this to everyone's attention.
Stan and Kyle :)
Re: SiriusXM Saturday & Sunday PostMon Apr 04, 2011 2:13 pm Offline
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Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:45 pm7
When I first heard about this, I didn't know it was going to be three-hours long. I thought it would be under ten minutes like most of their other interviews, and would therefore find it on Youtube in a few days.

But no, I missed it, missed the replay, and now I fear I'll never get to listen to it. Is it recorded anywhere? Will it ever be played again?
Re: SiriusXM Saturday & Sunday PostSat Apr 16, 2011 3:28 am Offline
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Sat May 09, 2009 12:07 am3
I missed it too. I am really pissed off because I can't find it anywhere. I did some heavy research and all I can find are old articles saying that the book of mormon radio is coming to sirius xm. I can't find a place to download this interview. Is this so rare that the only way to hear this interview was on April 2nd and 3rd? If so that is really F*CKING stupid. What about all the people who were not able to get up at 8 in the F*CKING morning on those days or were too F*CKING busy. F*UCK YOU SIRIUS XM! F*UCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whew I finally got to rant my anger. sorry about that, but really this was a really long interview that I would have enjoyed listening to and I am really disappointed that I may never be able to hear it.
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