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Need Help With Episode Player PostThu Dec 05, 2013 7:17 pm Offline
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Thu Dec 05, 2013 6:38 pm1
Hi I just registered an account here to see if anyone has tips for how to get the player to run well on my computer screen.

I have decent internet connectivity on my new-ish PC running windows XP, 4 gb ram, using Firefox.

My problem is, the episode player on is constantly re-buffering the same content as it continues to switch back and forth between low and high quality.

The episodes will play for a bit in low quality, then, apparently when it senses that the connectivity can sustain the stream, it switches to high quality. Then after a few seconds of actual 'playing' it invariably freezes up, tries to play for about a minute like this, stuttering every 5 seconds or so to catch up, and ultimately switches back to low quality, after which it repeats the process all over again.

I can see that the episode is 'buffering' when I mouse-over the timeline bar, but the buffer cache seems to erase itself every so often and needs to start over from the point it is trying to play from.

It would be great if I could permanently set it to 'low quality' and not have it automatically switch back and forth.

Other issues I've had:
1. The player sometimes will run for several seconds without sound. The only solution that I've found is to click backwards on the timeline and try to pick up from a minute before.

2. When it is getting close to a commercial break, the player will sometimes skip forward about 30 seconds to the advertisement, and I have to backtrack just to see that last little bit before the break. (There is usually a big joke or plot element right at that moment)

3. The sound will be fine but the image will freeze, until it cuts to another scene, then the video starts up again.

I signed up for an account to see if registered users might 'magically' have fewer problems. A long time ago I tested video games for a living, and now it's kind of second-nature for me to bitch and complain about software not doing what I want. Thanks for your time.
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