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Nanowrimo and the Wikia! PostSun Oct 28, 2012 9:53 am Offline
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For those of you who don't know what Nanowrimo is , it's the National Novel Writing Month, which is November! Anyway, Nanowrimo is a month just for writing Novels, but I consider it a month for writing, and what better month for writing fan fiction than this. You could take the Nanowrimo challenge and write an entire novel in a month. I don't think too many people want to write a whole novel, I for one don't think I could, but if you do all the more power to you.

Let's talk fan fiction though, now I know fan fiction isn't for everyone, but maybe you've always imagined the perfect fiction of your favorite show, why not make some story about it.

For most South Park fan fiction you can post it right here on the site, you can also start a Wikia or join an existing one, finally you can post of a site called

I come here not just to tell people of the fun of Nanowrimo, but also on request of others from a Wikia to ask if anyone is interested in maybe writing some fan fiction on a particular story. I joined the Wikia recently, and the amount of active users are diminishing, so in an effort to increase new creative stories and fresh ideas, many of us have come together to spread the word that we could appreciate some new people.

The Wikia is for Dragon Ball fan fiction, yes I'm a die hard fan of the show and love reading fan fiction about it. Now I don't know if their is a correlation between fans of SP and DB/Z/GT. I've just noticed that many fans of the show also like Dragon Ball. So if you're interested in something new, always thought you could write something better, come on down to
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Happy readings!
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