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Corporate Interests Ruin Another Thing Done Right At First PostMon Nov 01, 2010 12:43 am Offline
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Sat Nov 22, 2008 1:48 am1
Making episodes available online was the right way to combat piracy. The people get their episodes when they want them, you still get some revenue from ads, and you get site traffic to your site instead of other sites profiting from your work. That is, you stop piracy by giving people a legitimate alternative, which if they have they generally tend to take; everybody wins.

Cutting episodes off for three weeks (is it three? I think so...) just drives people right back to piracy. If you don't offer the solution they will find it somewhere else. Simple supply/demand. There's a demand, if you aren't supplying it someone else is.

Maybe it's just a situation where you're making more money, you're letting other people eat from your work, and you're sticking the whole bill to the tv corporations. I guess that's not so bad. It would be nice to have those episodes available here, but it's not that great of an inconvenience to the consumer to make them look just past their noses for stuff. But then you introduce people to piracy and while it benefits them it make piracy more widespread and a bigger problem for everyone else. I guess just not your problem. Then it comes to the question of whether you think piracy is a good thing or not fundamentally. Times are changing, values are changing. I suppose all these things will sort themselves out in time, but we still have to be responsible for own roles in it all, however small, and decide what each of us believes for ourselves.

And ultimately I believe it would be right to keep the episodes up without interruption. I guess because...I want to support companies that want to do right by their customers. I think that if piracy is used as a way to keep corporations from abusing their power over content to milk consumers, that's a good purpose. But its not fundamentally good, only good when the system is corrupt to begin with. To fix the system don't feed into the cycle, that would only perpetuate a broken system. Instead break from it. Lead by example. Keep the episodes up.
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