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Idea Wiki PostSun Sep 04, 2011 10:58 am Offline
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Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:07 am48
If you need any ideas for episodes... you should make some of the kids who post here REALLY happy, or just parody the concept of their site!
SomethingAwful did a parody of them, already
Re: Idea Wiki PostSun Sep 11, 2011 2:33 pm Offline
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Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:14 pm1
Just visited Buddhist Temple and found them to be great people; I think there's a lot of potential material here for an episode or two. This group travels to places like Haiti to provide medical care and food to those who suffer, thereby raising their own spiritual levels and finding greater happiness. After finding Haitians living in squalor, determined the best way to help them was to teach them not to be lazy a - holes and start working to help establish a productive work routine. Haitians were surprised when these Buddhists bowed to them as they departed after helping so much; they thought it was strange for the Buddhists to be thankful for the chance to help them! Perhaps as living standards erode in a near future America, these Buddhists could turn their attention to American families and start helping them in one episode. People let their houses go to $hit because they can't afford to keep them up anymore and after repairing them these Buddhists could say "No, thank you for have - a such a Shi**y house; make me feel good to help you!" Or with schoolchildren falling behind in math and science, these Buddhists could tutor them and say "No, thank - a you for have - a such a stupid children! It make me feel good to help them!" I think there's a lot of material here.
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Tue Apr 08, 2003 1:57 am17368Hollywood, CA
All this pales to God being a Buddhist.
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