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An extreme and awesome idea for an upcomming episode. PostSun Oct 30, 2011 12:11 pm Offline
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Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:00 pm1
Well i say, South Park team should work on an episode about " Android vs iPhone". Lets say some bought iPhones ans some bought Android amd they started fighting over the better phones. But the good part is the use of the new technologies in iOS and Android, like Android Beam and face Unlock in Android 4.0 and Siri in iOS 5. For example, Eric Cartman bought an Android and he unlocks his Android phone using face unlock but using his dick as a picture, lol. Another example, is using Siri to talk about porn and using the different voice in the Siri app, like the voice of a guy, someone might choose a guy voice in siri and start talking to him as he's gay....... Lots of idea could come in handy in such an episode !

Also this episode, if it was done ina very good and funny way, it will attract a lot of people to South Park.

Anyway good luck, I hope that you consider this idea as an episode in the last couple of episodes ! Also i hope that this season won't be the last one.
Re: An extreme and awesome idea for an upcomming episode. PostWed Nov 02, 2011 2:27 am Offline
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Tue Nov 01, 2011 6:32 pm40MT
I was like you (not exactly, expressively).

I was so nervous that this season was the last. For obvious, beating the dead horse now if i bring them up now, reasons.

I don't see it.

The creators SEEM to love this show... and although it is undoubtedly stressful, if they didn't love it, they wouldn't do it.

D.C., C.M, and stuff... I mean, great guys... just couldn't forsee what the public wanted. T, M, A G, etc... they all are so incredible at it. It's why I think we're all here, right? To share our love for this show?

The Droid idea (yes, Droid. I hate Iphone... neither here nor there).... sounds great. I think it is an untapped resource that I personally haven't seen anywhere else, although I must admit... I have entertained it once or twice.

for me it goes back to people loving what's POPULAR not what's USEFUL.

That is not to say that the late Job's (RIP) wasn't a visionary. just that I like to use what works for me, despite conventions.

Id definitely like to see that turn into an episode. Fingers crossed!
"Never, never, never quit."-W. Churchhill
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