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great episode idea... rate it please PostTue Jan 10, 2012 3:11 pm Offline
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Tue Jan 10, 2012 3:03 pm1
i have an episode idea..
Recently on the news a small boy from Toledo got his wish to blow up a building from the make a wish foundation. In the interview with the boy. The boy said he "watched myth-busters and since then has been inspired to blow up a building.....
well what if Cartman fakes cancer not knowing he does have cancer and is going to die, and with the unintentional help of butters who shows him the video of that news clip, which gives cartman the idea and aided an over enthusiastic make a wish foundation employee eager to see every child get their wish. He has a chance to tell his story wish emotionally charged background music he is manipulated by the best and is thwarted into chaos by Cartman’s wish to annihilate the Jew’s!!!
Naturally Kyle and Stan would do all in their power to destroy cartmans plan and reveal his true intentions. but reaching cartman to no avail they fail and cartman gets "all" the Jews of south park thrown into concentration camps (Kyle’s family), but saves Ike because of his pure white Canadian blood.
Kyles parents, surrounded by an angry south park mob, are about board a train to the death camp when everything turns schiendlers list with the girl in the red sweater and everything. They close the door and the train departs goes right up the hill where the camp is right next to town similar is the camping episode with stans uncle. everything turns colorful again when the exit the train, right next to the town, and in plain sight of the angry mob, kyles mom and dad are separated stripped and examined. kyles dad gets raped or something.
Drunk with power cartman begins going after the cripple then the ugly then the gay… then the black, chinese, etc, but keeps the mexican cause they work so good, always listen to the white man or he'll deport you lol… he night even hire them to buid the camp in the first place...
I’m thinking that Kyle gets all inglorious basterds with a "brad pitt" appearance. He starts recruiting all the people in South Park that cartman has ever wronged, “Scott tenerman“ etc to make up a team similar to the Jewish Nazi killers of the film. After a heated gunfight in the theater like the films conclusion where about every one of south park citizens are murdered or somehow killed in the end by explosives that somehow kill Kenny.
Cartman has lost and even though butters had nothing to do with the downfall of Eric cartman butters is blamed and vowed revenge against once more!!!!! but then cartman finds out that he realy does have cancer and dies...
But then cartman wakes up, glad it was just a dream cries for waffles yells at kiddy goes to the bus stop and meets stan and kyle there. one bye one they START tripping balls over the dream they all had to find out the dream was shared by all three…
Kyle asks Stan if he thinks Kenny had the same dream, when Kenny’s mom appears to tell the kids that Kenny died he exploded in his sleep. all she found was a detanator left in kennys hand the same detanator from the theater. shocked the boys exchange a look of guilt. stan says "Aww sh*t dude we killed kenny!!!" episode ends

my name is robert briones im 27 a latino from LA and i love south park.
Just a suggestion but I’ve spoken it over with a lot of other south park fans and they love it.... please at least consider...
"So screw u guys im going home"
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