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Romney Themed Episode with ORGAZMO and Choda Boy PostTue Feb 21, 2012 11:50 pm Offline
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Sat Feb 04, 2012 4:07 pm8
Since Romney has gotten a lot of attention, for being one of the leading Republican candidates and for being a Mormon running for President, it seems like he would be an appropriate subject to write an episode about because of TP&MS's recent work involving Mormonism. I think that if they manage to do an episode of Romney, they have to have to bring in their previous Mormon character, Joe Young (AKA Orgazmo), and his sidekick Ben Chapleski (AKA Choda Boy). I just long to see them make an appearance in the show, especially in relation to the current political/religious temperature of this year.

The idea involves the GOP candidates coming to SP, and their presence causing all the SP residents getting pissed off at each other. The SP Mormons support Romney, while the SP Catholics support Gingrich and Santorum. One or two guys clap for Ron Paul. Somehow, Romney has suddenly become more popular than Santorum and Gingrich, and he has managed to draw all the hidden reserves of Mormons in Colorado to support him. This freaks the kids out, because they don't find him particularly attractive. At some point, Joe and Ben travel to SP and stay with the Harrisons. Ben is disguised as a Mormon missionary, even though he thinks it makes him look dorky (as being Choda Boy was not dorky enough!). Joe claims that they came to SP to spread the word in support of Romney, but that is merely a ruse. Apparently, Joe and Ben suspect that the Mormon community is being seduced by a supernatural influence within Romney, and it's not Mormon-friendly.

It turns out that Romney was possed by a Lammanite dark angel (ala the parasitic alien from STARGATE), who schemes to bring all Mormonkind to obblivion having them all fall into his control political and spiritual control. It turns out worst of all that Santorum and Gingrich are surviving Jaredites, who somehow converted to hard-core Catholocism somewhere along the way. They apparently hated the Lammanites and Nephites, because all their ancient wars got on their nerves. They have schemed to exterminate all descendents of the Lammanites and the Nephites, and the Mormons as well, so that America will fall into the hands of the Jeradites again... and a Catholic Jeradite Temple will be built in place of the Mormon Temple.

For their appearance, I was thinking that they should dress in manner which crosses the style of a Biblical film epic and FLESH GORDON (the adult parody of FLASH GORDON).

In order to beat the corrupted ancient tribesman, Ben has finally been able to engineer the cold-fusion Orgazmatron, which has the ability to affect the sex organs of spirits and ancient humanoids. The dialogue between the villains and heroes should definitely parody the writing of the 1960s BATMAN show.

That's just one concept I have in mind for such an episode. Not that they'll do it. Maybe the Nephite/Lammanite/Jeradite stuff should be thrown away in favor of return cameos of Maxxx Orbison and goons?
Re: Romney Themed Episode with ORGAZMO and Choda Boy PostFri Mar 09, 2012 12:06 am Offline
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Sat Feb 04, 2012 4:07 pm8
In retrospect, I think the story concept for my shameless fantiac episode idea was unecessarily convulted. I should have just stuck with the request for a Romney episode with appearances from Orgazmo and Choda Boy. I think I went a off kilter on the idea of Gingrich and Santorum being immortal Jeradites (maybe it should have been Nephites) who pose as Catholic versions of pulp 1930s sci-fi serial villains. It feels like twisted Mormon mythological take on GHOSTBUSTERS. Maybe it's much more plausible to have Romney be a cheap Joker-like villain who wears beige makeup.

Whatever the case, to every SP fan, and every SP staff member, I apologize for this episode concept!
Re: Romney Themed Episode with ORGAZMO and Choda Boy PostFri Mar 09, 2012 1:02 pm Offline
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Tue May 24, 2011 1:49 pm3867In range of my WiFi
Should probably write it as a fanfic if you want it to happen exactly how you want but it's a good idea. Given Trey's knowledge and passion for Mormons and Romney's almost guaranteed chance of winning, I'd be hella shocked if they didn't mention the magic underpantsed one.
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