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Do we ever thank our artists? PostSun Mar 11, 2012 7:17 pm Offline
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Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:21 pm1
I remember the first year SP was out and have watched ever since.
While I was re watching the "behind the scenes" South Park documentary, I saw something thats nearly absent today in entertainment and especially television shows. It was great to get an idea of Trey and Matt's process and watch these guys give it their all . Its two normal dudes who don't adopt the identity of a "celebrity" like some other animators who are Hollywood fixtures. They work with a tight knit crew and you could just tell that these guys are as down to earth as someone so famous could be.
They devoted their life to SP, like any other successful artist does. . Not only are the guys artists but their sort of part time philosophers. Man, if it weren't for south park I'd think that I was the too cynical and suspicious of society but then SP airs some show that says exactly what I am thinking or what I haven't thought of and other comedy won't address. Man the gift of laughter is a great one, the gift of Cartman shouldn't be taken for granted either ! In this television climate, televised abortions would make me feel better, so I am glad they are delivering a new season. This is probably the only REAL show left on cable, everything else is watered down mental chewing gum . At least SP explores the absurd nature of life. Sometimes, the realest thing about life is its absurdity which Matt and Trey continue to point out for over 10 years.
Your documentary "six days to air" really inspired me as an artist, it just proves from the humble beginnings, perseverance and actual talent yields unimaginable results. Most of us just give up, or suppress our creative forces because they don't seem profitable. There is nothing more rewarding to an artist than to be able to create and share art for a living or even just to share with other people and brighten their day.
So instead of celebrity worship, I propose we start writing them to tell them how their art has changed our life or somehow made it a little easier; a "Thank YOU"

Thanks for the many years of laughter and confirming that life really is as absurd and ridiculous as I find it to be. Now I have to go as my sh*tty chikin is on the wok.
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