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This is most likely stupid and pointless.... PostThu Mar 15, 2012 10:41 am Offline
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Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:43 am1

You've probably done something along these lines at one point, but not seriously as an episode.

After being irritated all my life by liars, I've noticed that it's completely okay now to never tell the truth, ever.

Such as advertisements saying how you choose when to pay. What if I wanted to NEVER pay?

And advertisements that say this product will for sure make you THE happiest you've ever been.

Actually the whole self help movement of acceptance and never telling anyone what you really think even if they're abusive and they beat you, that abusive person just needs love. And gluten free dieting, and veganism to "save the animals". Like silent protesting and not buying products, actually works. It does but only to a point, NOW there are products catered to them and the rest of us just continue to buy whatever we want, and only some companies care what they think about saving animals, because not all of us are ever going to succumb to their viewpoints, and unless we do, or the cows, chickens etc take things into their own hooves and claws and rampage society for ever eating them, like we did with the Boston teaparty. I care a lot about animals, but ya know we aren't destroying earth without evolving, and I think every animal for themselves.

At any rate, I think that this whole new "lifestyle"/health movement are the "new" hippies, the passive hippies that don't go to woodstock and just complain in a positive manner about love. If they want people to change, they need to tell the truth and not just "accept" everyone. Which personally, scientology and science of mind are THE new christianity to me, and no one ever notices. They are silently brainwashing and accepting everyone, not necessarily the scientologists, well they are too, they try to "fix" your mental problems, like Oprah. You know Jesus loves everyone too, and preaches about sharing and caring, but they never told us how to be able to cure everyone or help anyone. No they aimed to control us with their "love" and "acceptance" as well, meanwhile we are ALL god's children, yet there's favortism, and we are all sinners, and if we only LOVE jesus enough than we will no longer be sinners even if we molest children. The illogical nonsense that prevails because of christianity still to this day, even having things such as salt at our tables(salt used to be used to keep "demons" away and purify everything, in religious rituals, and we still keep it on our tables....not complaining, just saying), is frightening. It's everywhere, and now it's in a new movement. Please stop them. The only people we need to be accepting and caring about are ourselves, because if you are REALLY truly happy with you, why the f*ck would you attack other people for their belief systems, views, or otherwise? You really wouldn't if you were REALLY narcissistic, and an atheist, not a sociopathic narcissist, which is actually what narcissism is supposedly now.

It also bothers me, and you did this about alcoholism, but it's not just alcoholism. They are now coining terms for preferring your ipad/iphone/blackbury videogames whatever that you would rather be with than the assh*les that surround us, as an addiction as well. I think all these "addictions" and ADD, and anxiety etc. which I have supposedly, I think they are just excuse making for the individuals who can't tell everyone to f*ck off and they'll do whatever they please whether others like it or not. It's called being passive and not ever wanting to offend others, and it just becomes worse now with the acceptance movement and political correctness, we are all heading to communism, here in america. A communist movement that was all agreed upon before indirectly. I don't want communism. I like being able to say what I want and do as I please and earn the right to have more and not buy things that are "organically" approved. How do we know? They could just clean up their act every time they suspect that someone is going to be watching and judging them, or they could pay off people to say it's organic and no animals were "hurt" just because they offered stocks or those individuals had stocks. It's like gasoline and oil.

As a social commentary show, you guys really can point this out and make them feel stupid, please stop them before we all have no choices. Freedom of speech is what's going. I was in Whole Foods, because I would prefer my chickens to run free, and some lady I started talking to told me all about how the animals suffer and she is now vegan and refuses to buy suchnsuch (the new passive peta). I was just chilling trying to buy pizza with normal cheese because I don't care, and some other lady overheard me and the guy who "runs" the pizza area discussing his lack of preference of not eating milk products, and she looked beyond upset, and got another employee to talk to about getting her slices of pizza, meanwhile I was waiting for mine to be ready (so yes she was also attempting to cockblock my pizza). Well, his preference of not eating cheese and me asking him why he felt that way lead her to talk to management about how He was wrong in lecturing her about her pizza consumption. She got two free slices. I started that conversation. I asked him. So shouldn't I get free pizza too? Since she offended me with her lack ability to hear other opinions? This "the customer is ALWAYS right" and fearing never having customers again, has gone out of control. And there you go, another example of P.C. gone out of control, this women is SO covered in acceptance she can't even deal with hearing another viewpoint. And we wonder why all "our" kids are so f*cking stupid.

"Playing the game" while dating, also pisses me off. I don't see why you can't just up and tell the guy you're attempting to be with that Hey, I want to get married and have babies, oh and I'm ____________ (whatever new psychological excuse everyone's made for you, blame a word instead of your actions). It's not like they aren't going to find out the hard way. Years later, since time is "dwindling" away and we all die soon, why should we play the game and spend years on someone who doesn't ever tell you they don't want what you want? Do you want to? I don't. It's become so bad, that my honesty gets me called crazy. Not just by one person, by many people, I told them what I honestly thought of them and the world, and I'm psychologically deranged and I should "get help" or medicate myself. Have you ever read the book 1984? It's somewhat accurate as to what is happening, and possibilities. It might not be that one, but one book about "the future" also mentions suppressing everyone's personal opinions with medication. Yes. Interesting how that's happening. And how much money goes to the medical fields every year? Oh they also have a cure for cancer in canada, that no one would pay for, because it works with little to no side effects. wonderful isn't it?

I really hope you read this, and do something. I don't know how many people's viewpoints are changed by this show, but considering you guys are prominent and popular amongst many people, you can change things and stop them, taken the right way of presenting them. I'm not sure humor is the right way to do it, you guys have a lot to say about how this world is awful and no one does anything, and you could make it not be that way. Just get serious, make a talk show or something. Over throw Oprah. Did you notice that she goes to help third world countries and then brings celebrities? And then talks to the celebrities about their issues, instead of ever doing anything?! I have. She also gave cars to people, and then those cars had to be taken away because of the insurance expense. You want this idiot, HELPING people?! She's not. DO SOMETHING.
There are so many people like her. Everywhere.

On another note, since you are comedians, people WOULD take you seriously, you just need to point out directly what other people are doing and how it f*cks everyone and everything up. As in "proof". You can. You do it every show in an indirect manner.

Why am I not doing anything about this? I'm a nobody, you guys have made your titles and marks on this stupid rock. I love you guys. I seriously do, but I think people are too stupid to even get that you are making social comments and they just see coincidences, not what could be. I'm just saying.

Thanks, I hope you care a little about my viewpoints as a "psychologically deranged" person. lol
<3 Amy

Re: This is most likely stupid and pointless.... PostFri Mar 23, 2012 9:08 pm Offline
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Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:05 pm263
I think many people get what Matt & Trey go for, they understand the satire of it and the point it's trying to make. While we here at the forum love talking about the world, the world of south park and the other world, we don't hear from Matt or Trey, or at least rarely. I think South Park does a stand up job demonstrating some viewpoints, with the idea that no one is free from flaws, and we shouldn't laugh at others if we can't laugh at ourselves. While I think your ideas on what is happening to America seem extreme and almost impossible, I can assure you will won't be living in a 1983 world any time soon, unless WW3 breaks out and the new world order takes over. You see, in America, there are a lot of stupid, mindless idiots, and I mean A LOT! But you must understand, we may see people making the same choices to say I'm making a big difference voting for this pawn of a president because one man that has to answer and get approved by millions will change the entire world and fix every problem. Yes there are idiots, but we also have a large growing base of people who are not affected by these "pointless times". There are many more people who know the world for what it is, what the government actually does and what they can actually do to make that difference. People aren't stupid enough to believe a chocolate ration was increased when two weeks ago it was called a decrease. I will agree that people need to open there eyes with the whole gas thing, every four years it goes up, why, "oh, it's an oil crisis in the middle east", no it take 90 days for oil to get here and be refined and put in the gas station. It's taxed to death just like the 15 cent cigarettes. Every four years it's an election to put a pawn into office, and to get everyone angry they raise the price, gas/oil companies in 2008 made a barrel of oil $140, gas was 3.99, now in 2012 a barrel is less than $110 and gas is at 3.99, where did that $40 go, did oil to gas change all of a sudden, no, it didn't, companies just got rich off us.

I don't like getting too religious with people, so for everyone's sake, do good, good will come to you, treat people the way you want to be treated, don't sin, if your an atheist and/or don't believe in sin, sins are pretty messed up things we shouldn't do and some are laws here in the U.S. like no killing people. Remember we are still a type 0 civilization, we are in the transfer period in these one-hundred years 2000-2100, it is up to us if we wish to survive and make it, or kill ourselves with nuclear weapons, AIDS, bioterrorism, or other world destroying devices. Yes people are ignorant, but not every single person is stupid.
South Park is amazing and anyone who doesn't think so should learn how to Respect My Authoritah! LOL South Park Rulez!
Re: This is most likely stupid and pointless.... PostFri Mar 23, 2012 9:14 pm Offline
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Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:31 am4
Well, it actually is kind of stupid and pointless....
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