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matt and tray are good to tackle Palestine/Israel PostMon Mar 26, 2012 3:44 pm Offline
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Mon Mar 26, 2012 2:48 pm2
You guys,
I can't believe I got this cool name Fan#1 because I am.
I am a Palestinian, married and I have a boy almost 14months old, and I have been a fan for almost 12 years now (funny thing that I first watched south park dubbed in Spanish "mi hijo se llama Yousef", thats "my son's name is Joe" for all you non-arabic/spanish speaking friends) .
I am a Palestinian Muslim and know that Matt is an American Jew like my favorite character Kyle (maybe after Stan). Dunno what Trey is!!!
I just watched the show about cash for gold and was glad to see that the show's moral compass is still north and true.
I would love to see you two rascals tackle Palestine/Israel, you might have to do it in two or three episodes.
Aren't you amazed how the world is evolving around that small piece of land that has to be magnified to sh*t when you are looking at a map.
Some might view it as a complicated issue, some are pretty clear about it, but I would love to watch you guys have fun with it for a while.
I think what you have done already is pretty amazing and I have watched some episodes several times for their clear eyed kickass for everything taken seriously, haven't you noticed how serious people get when they are talking about this particular issue. everybody I know gets either super fanatic or super awkward when they discuss it and some people are unaware of it.
being a fan for this long and freaking getting the name Fan#1 is proof my loyalty and trust my dirty mouthed children.
The way I see it I deserve an answer from one or both of you.

Can't wait to see The Book of Mormon

Gongrats to whoever is getting married.

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