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I've been watching South Park avidly since season 3, and I've loved EVERYTHING (except maybe the Towelie episode). However, some of my friends stopped liking them because during Seasons 9-13, South Park got very topical. They weren't focusing on the individual characters having their own adventures, so much. I loved it, and didn't mind at all, but they were right. I love how the past 2 seasons (maybe spurred by The Book Of Mormon? FANTASTIC soundtrack by the way) have involved more individual adventures with the characters. We get to see some characters we haven't in awhile (Stan's Grandpa for example), and the silliness is back! I was thrilled to see the Lemmiwinks story continue. I remember years ago when Lemmiwinks first appeared in the second half of the 6th season. At one point soon after that Comedy Central showed a commercial praising the "Return of Lemmiwinks", and it never happened, so I was glad to FINALLY see that episode, and it was WORTH the wait. However, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the Faith Hilling episode! I was having a "jerk" of a day, and you guys made me laugh soo hard. Thanks! I don't know how you guys keep doing it, but you just keep getting better and better. I love your sense's of humor. As a fan of Bill Hicks, I get, and I love it. I feel the characters are back to having their individual adventures, and I love all of it!

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