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Scabs (Steinbeck's In Dubuious Battle farce) PostThu Jun 21, 2012 12:32 am Offline
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Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:15 am1
Can you please do a rendition of the novel "In Dubious Battle" by Steinbeck. I can write most of it. Just think of Cartman saying "The Scabs..." Cartman is evil as communist instigator.

Cartman- Mac
Butters- Jim
Stan- Loundon
Kyle- Dr. Burke
Kenny- Joy
Randy- Anderson
Sharon- Anderson's dad
Clyde- Dan
Token- Dakin
Kevin- Sam

Captain Taylor- Cop
Captain Gabrial- Cop
Mr. Garrison- Foreman
Counselor- upright citizen
Principal- City council

sh*tty first draft
Scene 1:
Butters looks in the mirror.
Butters tells his Mother he won't be back.
Butters goes to school, meets Jimmy in private.
Timmy: Coffee?
Jimmy: Why do you want to join the party?
Butters: I feel dead inside. My father got beat up...
Jimmy: I'll submit you with my approval. But there is no guarentee.

Eric: Clyde, get this letter to the foursquares. Butters, I'll be showing you the ropes.
They see the students tending the garden.
Butters: Isn't it recess?
Eric: Recess cuts aren't all. The cafeteria has been compromised. No more Crisscut Fries Friday.
Butters: What can we do?
Eric: We do what we can.
Come across Stan and Wendy arguing.
Wendy: Just admit it Stan. You were avoiding me...
Stan: I really was Busy.
Eric: I can confirm that. He was with me.
They walk on.
Eric: We got to gain peoples confidence.
Butters: They got to stand up and demand their recess.
Teacher yells "Recess 10 minutes."
Eric: Its going to be long days. Getting students organized during recess. After school.
Butters: I feel alive
Others talking about recess cuts.
Eric: Whatz up dog. Can you believe these recess cuts.
Clyde: I love gardening
Eric:Screw you Clyde
Butters-If you love it so much why don't you marry it.
Eric: Good one Butters. Come on I want you to meet some people. Are you the leader of this squad?
Stan: Ya I guess.
Eric: You notice how the cookies are geeting smaller
Butters: ya and now were going from low fat milk to nonfat milk.
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