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Your favorite episode?
The Return of Chef 20%  20%  [ 356 ]
Cartoon Wars 37%  37%  [ 648 ]
Tsst 43%  43%  [ 766 ]
Total votes : 1770
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Season 10 Favorite Episode Part 3 PostSat Jul 15, 2006 9:49 am OfflineSite Admin
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Thu May 20, 2004 7:52 am2362The Internet
The runoff vote. Which episode?
PostSat Jul 15, 2006 9:51 am Offline
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Wed Feb 01, 2006 8:20 pm4660
*Votes for Tsst*
PostSat Jul 15, 2006 10:14 am Offline
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Fri Oct 28, 2005 8:44 am2
definately TSST!!! :lol:
PostSat Jul 15, 2006 10:17 am Offline
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Fri Jan 20, 2006 9:33 am4354Liverpool, UK
I'll vote for Cartoon Wars... nearly the perfect episode. (Except for the one slight dissapointment. *Cough* Manitees! *Cough*)

Still better than TSST and TROC though.
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PostSat Jul 15, 2006 10:23 am Offline
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Tue Jul 04, 2006 8:12 pm1158New York, USA
I voted for Cartoon Wars. That's including both Part I and Part II, right? Then my vote definitely goes to those two episodes. They were both outstanding. I especially like Cartoon Wars Part II.

That was a tough choice though...because I absolutely loved everything about The Return Of Chef (except for the horrible death scene...that just sickens me every time I see it) and Tsst was hysterical.

Season 10 is turning out to be an amazingly good season so far, in my opinion. Definitely one of the better seasons of the series, but we still have 7 more episodes to come for this season, so anything can happen.

PostSat Jul 15, 2006 11:32 am Offline
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Sun Mar 12, 2006 7:32 am966(Gay smart ass location goes here.) but really Baltimore, MD, USA
Return of Chef. I laughed my ass off the whole way through that. Tsst and Cartoon Wars were still good, though.
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PostSat Jul 15, 2006 12:00 pm Offline
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Sun Jan 16, 2005 2:07 pm35Italiy / Sassari
Cartoon Wars!!! Take that family guy!!!
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PostSat Jul 15, 2006 12:43 pm Offline
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Sat Oct 29, 2005 6:24 pm2965Alberta, Canada
Cartoon Wars, Cartoon Wars, Cartoon Wars.

All episodes were great but CW is my favourite because, despite the lack of actually being in South Park for half of it and only having two regular characters, it was hilarious, had great messages, and told the story nicely.
PostSat Jul 15, 2006 1:06 pm Offline
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Fri Feb 25, 2005 12:50 pm992
Cartoon Wars, then Return of Chef. Tsst was funny too and it is also the only ep of SP I have on my computer.
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PostSat Jul 15, 2006 4:10 pm Offline
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Thu Jul 13, 2006 8:06 pm91
The best of the three is Cartoon Wars. Tsst is second, and the Return of Chef is third.

However, all three episodes had some of the funniest and most bizzare ever endings in the series. :D
PostSat Jul 15, 2006 8:33 pm Offline
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Sat Apr 15, 2006 4:26 pm229Elsewhere
Tsst all the way!
PostSat Jul 15, 2006 9:55 pm Offline
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Sat Jul 03, 2004 9:14 pm7970Montgomery, AL
I voted for Cartoon Wars, though Tsst is in the lead. Oh well, both of those are fine episodes and the margin between them is narrow.
PostSat Jul 15, 2006 11:31 pm Offline
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Mon Jan 03, 2005 1:37 pm22
I cant believe that the dog whisperer is a real show, i am so glad matt and trey found that. its one of my favorite episodes
PostSun Jul 16, 2006 5:22 am Offline
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Sat Jun 03, 2006 10:25 am9
Return of Chef and Tsst were hilarious, but the Cartoon Wars episodes were perfect.
PostSun Jul 16, 2006 5:57 am Offline
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Sun Jul 16, 2006 5:44 am11
It has to be CW. I loved the bike race and "The showdown of the Presidents" :)
The only thing i didn't liked as well as Jay C, is Manitees... sounds kinda gay

I dont understand why everyone liked Tsst... it's a good ep, but... something is not right...
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