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Everything is made in China PostSat Oct 20, 2012 10:59 pm Offline
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Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:32 pm1
I would love to see this turned into an episode haha, as do we all well here we go.

With all the political debates going on Cartman overhears a candidate say
"Nothing is made in America any more, we need to bring more jobs to America!

As the week progresses Cartman notices "Made in china" stickers on more and more of his belongings. Being fearful of the Chinese Cartman is untrusting of his china made goods.

*At recess*

Cartman: "Guys! Guys! Do you know what I just found out?"
Stan: "what?"
Cartman: "Did you know that all of our sh*t is made in China? They are stealing jobs from Americans"

*Truck drives by*
Hick: "They Took Our Jobs!"

Kyle: "Ya Cartman.. Just about everything is made in China"
Cartman: "This is bullsh*t! And I bet this is all some conspiracy to spy on us! I think it's time to bring back the American Liberation Front!"
Kyle: "Not this again -.-"
Cartman: "Oh ya Kyle! See how you feel when we are taken over by the Chinese"

Back in class Cartman makes an announcement to the class that there will be an "American Liberation Front" meeting at his house after school.

Cut to Cartman's house where it is just Cartman and Butters.

After a debate about what to do Cartman gets angry and throws and object at butters which misses Butters and strikes the wall. Cartman put's a hole in the wall.

Cartman: "sh*t! Butters! Look what you did!"

Cartman goes to retrieve the object from the wall when he notices that the insulation says "Made in China"

Cartman: " Oh f*ck! Butters! THIS HOUSE was made in china! There's probably f*cking ninjas in this house right now! Listening to our plans!"

The next day Cartman runs into Stan's house where Kyle and Stan are playing video games. Cartman explains his findings.

Kyle: "Cartman you idiot, ninjas are from japan"
Cartman: "Or so you think Kyle! right until they ninja star you in your sleep!"
Stan: "Cartman there is no way ninjas are living in our houses"

*At that moment a blur quickly goes across the screen*

Stan: "what the hell was that?"
Kyle: "I don't know!"
* Cartman looks down*
Cartman: AHA! What's This!"
*Cartman picks up and holds up a grain of rice he finds on the floor*
Cartman: "Explain how this rice got on the floor Kyle!"
Stan: "Come on.. maybe my dad was eating rice."
Cartman: "Fine! you two believe what ever you want, but I am getting to the bottom of this!"

End scene! Dear Matt and Trey, I would gladly help write this and make an ending for it XD.
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