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Walking Colorado PostSun Jan 19, 2014 2:28 am Offline
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Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:16 pm13
A story I'm working on. Might as well start now...

A small figure loomed over on the roof of the buildings, casting a long shadow. The object seemed to wait... but for what?
"I see you have arrived..." a voice said. The person snapped their head to another person,hooded, draped in black. "As if I had somewhere to go tonight..." the first person growled in response, only her voice was more obvious. "How did the fight go?" The other one asked. "I somehow escaped being caught, but otherwise, Mysterion, this went well." Mysterion looked up at the moon, feeling the icy January breeze. "Sabertooth, have you had any warnings yet?" He asked. Sabertooth shook her head. She suddenly snapped her head to a shooting star falling into the dark, ominous clouds. "They have spoken..." Saber tooth mumbled. Mysterion looked at her. "The darkness will rise, and all will fall. Only the mighty power of chaos will shine light, and all peace will be restored... i-i don't know what this means..." she said. "We will find out..." he replied.
Re: Walking Colorado PostSun Jan 19, 2014 11:45 am Offline
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Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:16 pm13
Third POV-Chapter 1:
“There's no way in h*** I am going to go out there and swim in that freezing s***. Not even for that $150 you bet me!" Lilly Hernova sat in a circle in her basement with four other boys. "Guys, I know we did dumb things, but, come on, jumping into a lake when it's 15° out?! You guys must think I'm an entertainer..." the four looked at her. "She has a point..." one replied. He watched the rest, waiting for a response. His green hat tilted off, and he fixed it. Nobody replied. They sat in awkward silence until..." Hey Lilly, hey Kyle, Hey Kenny, Hey double and trouble..." Mark came in holding a pan of brownies. "Want some? They have nuts-" he was cut off by his older sister taking the brownies and chucking them out the window. She sat down. "What the h*** did you do that for?" Kenny asked, staring at her. He had his voice covered by an orange coat." I don't know..." she lied and stood up. "I'm bored... what do you guys want to do?" She asked. They shrugged. Lilly walked outside, and went wherever the wind blew. It lead her and the boys to Stan's house. "So... guitar hero, anyone, or a marathon of jobs that bite'?" She asked. The five sat and watched as someone tried to catch a cobra with their hands. Lilly yawned. All of them watched boredly. "Well, this is boring... I have some skateboards at my house..." she said, and they scrambled to her house. The group went to the skate park.
Night fell on the little Colorado city, and she changed. She had a weapon belt, pocket full of sand, and a sabertooth necklace. She went to HQ where a cake sat. Mysterion asked her to tell them the prophecy. She suddenly changed the topic before anyone asked. "Cake looks good." She said. She ate a piece and felt funny. She saw her hands, face, and throat swell up. She wheezed and gasped for air. The heroes stood up in shock. Mysterion and Toolshead ran to get Epi-pens. Should have come sooner... Voices echoed, and her vision went dark. She opened her eyes and realized she was floating in space. She closed her eyes, then she heard voices. "Lilly? Lilly, can you hear me?" Her eyes slowly blinked open to see the four surround her. "Lilly, are you OK?" She tried speaking, and all that came out were squeaks and other weird noises. She was finally able to speak. "Kenny? Kyle? Stan? Cartman?" She whimpered and saw a band aid on her leg where she got the epi-pen shot. She woke up, vision bad. She climbed out of bed and sat on the floor. "W-what happened?" She asked. "You died from a peanut... that cake had nuts in it..." She suddenly shot up in alarm. "Shouldn't I be in heaven then?!" Kenny shook his head. All of them looked at her. "Be careful... next time you may not come out alive..." she sighed. "Any luck?" Stan spoke up. "I know someone that may be part of that prophecy...." he gasped. "I understand it! Butters is the chaos! A new enemy is rising from the shadows! the light must mean victory for all of south park! A war will start, Butters will end it, and south park will be saved from the end!" Lilly's eyes sparkled in happiness, but unease at the thought of war."This could change everything... Come on, let's go find him!" They ran after her, determination urging on before sunset.
Re: Walking Colorado PostWed Jan 29, 2014 2:46 am Offline
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Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:16 pm13
Third POV-Chapter 2:
"That went bad, didn't it?" The five were walking home. Butters had said it was probably a piece of unfinished potato. He scuttled them along, and the kids decided to just go home. Lilly wasn't looking, and she fell for a long time until she hit the ground. It seems she had walked right over a cliff.
School the next day was long, somewhat boring, and full of hot Cheetos. She sat in class, secretly eating hot Cheetos, and when she had a small burp, it was a fire one. That got the attention of most people. Mr.Garrison didn't bother to turn around as he wrote 3*5 on the board. The lunch bell rang, and Lilly got mentos and coke soda. She had to give up lunch to bring 5 sodas, divide the mentos by 5, and have a snack at least. The moment of truth when she and the others sat at the tables. "When I wave, drink the coke: all of it. You have to eat the mentos too, or it won't work. Ready?" She waved her hand and the Rocket challenge began. Lilly and the four boys put the mentos in their mouths, and drank the can of soda at the same time. The bubbling between the hot Cheetos and the mentos were a bad combo. She had to burp, and this one was a large flame one. People jumped out of the path of it. She squeaked as the flame finally turned to smoke, and her mouth was sore and blackened by ashes. When all was better, after school, kids gathered around them and congratulate them for completing the very first rocket challenge. They loved aswell how Lilly set it on fire.
Kyle and Lilly were sitting alone at stark's pond, and her house wasn't to far away. Lilly had a secret she would never tell anyone, any living soul. "You hear that new spam mod came out for 1.8.2?“ she asked."Yeah, that was fun. Creeper rain isn't though, happens too often for me." Kyle replied."it's probably for being cute-" cr*p... she thought bitterly. Now he knew her secret, both stood there, pink faced, eyes fixed on one another.
Chapter 2 will be finished later.
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