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Re: Production Blog Entry for November 11, 2008 PostFri Nov 14, 2008 12:54 pm Offline
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Mon Jun 02, 2008 10:57 am56NY
Guys-- This link is the perfect combination between last week's election reactions of Randy and Ike, and the new teen sensation of musicals & singing.

I present to you the funniest video of the Tween Psyche. ... s-debut-cd
Re: Production Blog Entry for November 11, 2008 PostSat Nov 15, 2008 9:40 pm Offline
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Sat Nov 15, 2008 9:35 pm0
:oops: AGARTHA-

Keep up the INSIGHT

November 15, 2008
I have tried and tried and tried to get any help or support the USA. The people here do not want to help anyone but themselves, or build a WAR MACHINE. The people who care won’t stand up because they are being held down by psychological warfare and taxes. MONEY is the only thing that talks in this country and I only have friends when I have money. I have had millions and have had friends all around me. I bought them cars and dinners every single night and now when I need a dollar. WHAT DO I GET? An attaboy. I love getting umbrellas on a sunny day. Does anyone feel the same or is it just me. We leave our veterans under bridges do die after we have used them to fight our causes. I want to know what happened. I won’t even write what else I am thinking.

There are REAL and GOOD people in our military and our governement that have to enforce BAD laws and systems. The entire USA (the people) should call the IRS on the same day everyday and let them know who is boss. The enitire people should call the governement offices everyday until the system is redone. I dont care who is president. If they keep the same systems they are USELESS. CHANGE ALL THE WAY AROUND IS WHAT WE NEED. WE NEED SOMEONE TO RETHINK EVERYTHING and IMPLEMENT IT. Our verterans died and are dying in the streets for this country and we don’t even help them. SHAME ON THE USA. Are there any real friends out there or HUMAN BEINGS that will help a good cause? Our government buys products they do not need with our money and throws them out of the back of planes. I heard that directly from a real DELTACOM commander.



Re: Production Blog Entry for November 11, 2008 PostMon Nov 17, 2008 1:42 pm Offline
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Mon Nov 17, 2008 1:36 pm0
Could you guys find it in your hearts to consider introducing a new character
called Winnie the cold poo, an adversary to Mr. Hankey?

What does he do, this cold piece of poo
that is named Winne the cold poo?
******* *******

Winnie is a model gangster with a hurd of
turhds (tughs) that is at all times stand by for action.

And especially around x-mas when he knows there
are a lot of tills filled up with money around town.
He's a model of a corrupt society.


Maybe Winnie was born after a hideous nightmare from one of the boys?

Also he has a really big cigar and talks like Marlon Brandon in the Godfather, and he is shaped and smells like a bear.

And the turhds are bad characters of the characters in the Hundred Acre Wood, which here is called the nine inch wood.
Winnies girlfriend secretly calls him nine inch Winnie.

The turhds colors changes according to their state.


Anyways, just an idea. ;)

Love the show!


Tommy r,

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