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new show idea "The Reincarnation Of Bob Marely" PostThu Aug 02, 2012 2:24 pm Offline
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Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:28 pm1
Hi ya'll my name is audrey aka audie bear,
This is my first time writing in. I have a big show idea excuse my spelling i spell like crap. ok we all know how snoop dogg went to Jamaica, and said the he talked to the spirit of Bob marley, then the spirit entered his body and he is now the reincarnation of bob marley. ok here we go with my idea.
it's starts off with cartman getting tickets for the snoop dogg concert hes really excited. after getting the tickets good old cartman is in his mirror getting ready for the snoop dogg hip hop concert he is brushing his hair and singing in his little cartman voice "snoop dogg is ahhhh oooo ooo oo" don't know how to write that out but you know which song im talking about. ok another part of show is how snoop dogg turns into snoop lion. before snoop dogg comes to south park to do his concert he goes to jamaica and runs into towelie. but before he runs into towelie, towelie somehow gets a hold of Bob marley's ashes and laces the weed joint with it. So when Towelie runs into snoop dogg he does his famous " hey snoop wanna get a lil high with me" snoop dogg being snoop dogg of course agrees to smoking the pot with towelie not knowing it was laced with the ashes of Bob Marely. So Snoop Dogg takes a huge puff of the goodness then starts to feel funny looks at towelie and ask him "hey towelie did you lace the weed with something?" towelie then says "wha!! wha!! what you talking bout. I'd never do that" then all of a sudden the ghost of Bob Marley appears. Bob looks at Snoop and tells him he is going to enter his body and that his name will no longer be snoop dogg. he is now Snoop Lion. he know longer can do rap music that he is the rebirth of marley and reggae is all he will do for now on. back in south park cartman is leaving for the concert telling and bragging to all his friends that he has back stage passes to meet snoop dog. cartman arrives to the concert stadium and sees it doesn't say snoop dog concert on it it says snoop lion. Cartman being Cartman starts cussing his little butt off "i didn't come her for snoop lion where the F**k is snoop dogg" Cartman still enters the concert but everything has changed everyone is walking in concert wearing reggae hats smoking joints saying ya mon, cartman has entered into a world he does not like to much. he is trying to find snoop lion back stage to ask what happened to snoop dogg not knowing that snoop lion is the dogg himself.
this is all i have right now for my idea but im hopping you will use some of it i know my spelling is bad and my writing sskills off im 35 years old learning disabilitie so im just throwing my idea out there lol
hope you read this sincerely,
audie bear aka audrey
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