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episode idea- Tim Tebow falls in love with Jesus PostSun Dec 16, 2012 4:21 pm Offline
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Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:25 pm1
Here is an idea for an episode which revolves around Tim Tebow and Jesus.

The opening scene is Tebow making out with Jesus in sunny Colorado back in 2011. They are at Tebow's mansion. Tebow is on the Denver Bronco's still. They have fallen in love, and Jesus wants to have sex with Tebow. However, Tebow refuses and says, " We have to wait until we are married."

Being rejected, Jesus goes home and gets very depressed. He goes on a food binge and watches countless talk shows and listens to Erasure Radio on Pandora. While listening to Pandora, a commercial comes on. It is the Episcopal Church of New York City advertising trips to NY for gay couples to get married. Eureka! Jesus has figured out what to do.

Jesus goes on a date with Tebow to one of the countless burger joints in Denver. It is here where Jesus proposes to him. They come up with a game plan to move to NY. It revolves around Tebow demanding a trade to the NY Jets.

Flash to the future, which is now. Jet hysteria and disappointment is going on throughout the Metropolitan area. Construction workers are complaining as well as all of the sports radios shows, with their heavy NY accents. With the help of Jesus and the gay community, they convince Rex Ryan to play Tebow. It is the half time of a game. Tebow is put in, and he saves the day. The Jets then win the remaining games in the season, and Tebow takes the team to the Super Bowl. It is in the hands of God to choose the winner.

The closing scene is Eric Cartman on his couch with his mother. The mother is nervous and afraid. The game is tied 21 to 21 with a few seconds remaining. The mother has news to bring up to Cartman. She states. " Eric, I have been meaning to tell you this for a long time. You are the Son of God and I am the Virgin Mary. Immaculate Conception does exist!....''
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